Music Notes Brushes

简介:Music Notes Brushes is a collection of 12 brushes in abr and 12 brushes in png file format.The .abr file will only work in photoshop CS6 and up.All png's have been saved at 300 dpi in individual fi

FS Lightning Brushes

简介:"FS Lightning Brushes" by FrozenStar is a collection of 55 lightning photoshop brushes.Perfect to create a stormy weather or magic electric bolts effects.产品原链接:

Water Brushes

简介:Contents: 67 Photoshop Brushes 10 Water tiles.产品原链接: DRIVERelated posts:Bubbly Wobbly WATER PS BrushesWinsome Water Bac

Ron’s Sand

简介:In this wonderful package of sand, I have Photoshop brushes, Layer Styles, Color Swatches, and Backgrounds/Overlays. Look through the promos and see what you can accomplish with Ron's Sand.产品原链接:ht

Render Artist 2

简介:Render Artist is back! Presenting 4 new one-click action scripts for Photoshop (Designed for PS9 or later, though they should run on Photoshop 7+).These scripts will turn renders (or even photograp

GNBD Rust Brushes and Styles

简介:168 High-resolution brushes of rust and 6 styles for Photoshop CC, can be used in many ways to create fantastic scenes.产品原链接:

GNBD Cloudy Day Creator Brushes

简介:If you have a scene in your library that needs some clouds, GNBD Cloudy Day Creator Brushes is the perfect solution for you with 144 clouds brushes for Photoshop CC.产品原链接:


简介:From doarte's Brushes Gallery - 46 High Resolution Photoshop brushes and 46 PNG's. (for those that don't have Photoshop).产品原链接:

Ron’s Dirt

简介:These wonderful brushes are so easy to use and allow you to quickly create interesting dirt patterns and texturing.产品原链接: DRIVERelated posts:A

Ron’s Saliva, Drool and Tears

简介:A very interesting set of Saliva, Drool, and Tears these are all hand-painted with a special Liquid for Hollywood Special Effects and Photographed by a high-resolution Camera and brought into Photo