Dog Agility Course Poses

简介:A set of 20 dog action poses for use with the Dog Agility Course. There are 20 poses set for the default scene layout and the same 20 can also be loaded centrally.Files included: Daz Dog 8, Dog Agi

Feline Rider Hierarchical Poses for Daz Big Cat 2 and Battle Cat Armour

简介:Introducing the "Feline Rider Hierarchical Poses for Daz Big Cat 2 and Battle Cat Armour" – a captivating collection of 20 meticulously crafted hierarchical poses designed exclusively for the Daz B

Songbird ReMix A Bird in the Hand

简介:A Bird in the Hand; pairs popular human figures with Songbird ReMix Birds.The set includes seven paired poses for the G8, La Femme/L'homme, Dawn/Dusk, Gen4 and Genesis 1/2 characters as well a wide

Horse Duet Poses for DAZ Horse 3

简介:One horse is such a delight to have and to enjoy, two are paradise.Looking at them play on the fields, the hair dancing in the air freely, there is no better view than that, and now with this new s

CWRW Expressions for the HiveWire Horse

简介:Bring some facial expression to your HiveWire Horse poses and renders! From realistic to more exaggerated "toon-y" styles for all kinds of moods for your Horse.They work great with the Toon Horse t

Hameleon Old Items Bundle

简介:Hameleon Old Items Bundle.Includes:Canyon for Poser 79888Deluxe Office Chair 83055Desert Worlds Horizon 81581Dynamic Poser for V4 10241Hi-Tech Chair and V4 Seating 88414Starter Stands 100180Masha V

Dragon Smoke Poses for Humo

简介:Because you never get enough poses for your favorite critters, Dragon Smoke Poses for Humo brings you another 20 possibilities to play with this adorable dragon from Hypertaf. And if you use the ad

Free Spirit Posed For The Horse 2

简介:Carefully crafted poses, with especial attention to detail, a new pose pack for The Horse 2 from Daz3D, jumping, running, laying on the floor, you will fin one that suits your render needs.产品原链接:ht

Bearrific Poses for AM Brown Bear

简介:Take your brown bear for a walk in the woods, enjoy the nature around you, and play with the butterflies with this new set of poses for the amazing Brown Bear from AM.Files included: Brown Bear by

Precious Adventures Poses for Precious Deer

简介:Adventure is Precious! Let your Precious critters run wild with these 22 digital hierarchical pose presets (plus mirrored HPPs) Everything from running, to jumping, to sleeping is covered in this s