Dragon Smoke Poses for Humo

简介:Because you never get enough poses for your favorite critters, Dragon Smoke Poses for Humo brings you another 20 possibilities to play with this adorable dragon from Hypertaf. And if you use the ad

Free Spirit Posed For The Horse 2

简介:Carefully crafted poses, with especial attention to detail, a new pose pack for The Horse 2 from Daz3D, jumping, running, laying on the floor, you will fin one that suits your render needs.产品原链接:ht

Bearrific Poses for AM Brown Bear

简介:Take your brown bear for a walk in the woods, enjoy the nature around you, and play with the butterflies with this new set of poses for the amazing Brown Bear from AM.Files included: Brown Bear by

Precious Adventures Poses for Precious Deer

简介:Adventure is Precious! Let your Precious critters run wild with these 22 digital hierarchical pose presets (plus mirrored HPPs) Everything from running, to jumping, to sleeping is covered in this s

Lady of the Horse Poses for Daz Horse 3 and Genesis 9 Feminine

简介:They say that she has a special connection with those magnificent creatures, they will follow her and let her ride them without hesitation, she is a half-elf that use to live in the forest and now

CDI Poses for Gorilla 8

简介:Gorilla 8 takes on the real jungle with this set of action poses from Capsces Digital Ink.This set includes 6 expressions and 20 dynamic poses, with 6 alternate H-poses that work with the assault r

Animations and Still Poses for AM’s Mouse

简介:Animations and still poses for AM's Mouse. Includes animations for a run, wheel run, and a stand up, sniff and go back down. Also includes a wheel prop with animation. Daz Studio animated poses. Fo

JW Expressions for Niketa the Lioness

简介:JW The Lioness Expressions for Niketa the Lioness contains detailed and versatile facial expressions to use in a variety of scenes for your characters.Files included: Niketa the Lioness HD for Gene

SBibb Loyal Companion Poses for Daz Dog 8 and Genesis 8 and 8.1

简介:Strengthen the bond of your characters and their dogs with SBibb Loyal Companion Poses for Daz Dog 8 and Genesis 8 and 8.1!Files included: Daz Dog 8产品原链接:

The Watching Grove

简介:Welcome to The Watching Grove... and place of mystery...In this pack you will find:4 Poses for Eye 14 Poses for Eye 24 Poses for Eye 3 (Y TRANS -0.155)4 Poses for Eye 44 Poses for Eye 520 Matching