Bend Over for Genesis 8

简介:Rear Entry, back door, from behind… It doesn’t matter what you want tocall it. Some times you just want to say “To hell with small talk, justBEND OVER!”Here are 15 couples poses for DAZ’s Genesis 8

KuJ Classical Poses for Genesis 9 and 8 Female

简介:This is a large product that supports the Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 9 including the postures of the upper and lower body, and their mirrored postures.产品原链接:

Monstrous: Experiment X for Genesis 8

简介:15 Horror inspired poses for Genesis 8 couples.产品原链接: posts:CDI Monstrous Poses

In a Tube Poses for G9 & G8F

简介:IMPORTANT: The poses are not meant to be realistic, she's meant to be flexible beyond real capabilites!10 G9 Feminine Poses + Mirrors10 G8F Poses + Mirrors40 Total PosesRequired Files: Sci-Fi Essen

Touchable Monica

简介:120 Touchable hair colours ranging from natural to fantasy for Monica Hair!Requirements: Monica Hair For Genesis 8 Female(s)产品原链接:

dforce – Wild Child – Genesis 8

简介:Think of a simpler time when love was free and peace and music were a way of life in this retro inspired fringed outfit for Genesis 8. dforce is required.Wild Child includes:1 Top for Genesis 8/8.1

Pin Up Boxes

简介:Pin Up Boxes Vignettes, Props, Poses and Expressions for Genesis 9, 8, 8.1, 3 Female.Create Vintage Style Pin-up Portraits all in this one easy-to-use Pin Up Boxes Collection!Every Pin Up Box inclu

The New Girl

简介:The New Girl gets shown the ropes.Pose set for G8 comes with 70 poses total. Mirrors and Zeroes included.Files included:Advanced Pussy for Genesis 8 FemaleXY产品原链接:

KuJ Witch Wing Poses for Genesis 9 and 8 Female

简介:This is a set of action products for Halloween witches, containing 25 broom-flying moves and their mirrored versions, and of course, comes with a broom that loads with the pose.产品原链接:

Dulcet for G8

简介:This pose set contains 50 poses.产品原链接: posts:Strike from the Shadows Poses for Genesis 8 and 8.1One Ba