Varsity Patch Decals

简介:Varsity Patch Decals is a collection of alphanumeric Iray Decal Node props that will enable you to personalize any item of clothing, accessory, or prop!产品原链接:

Knives and Blades Vol.1

简介:6 Photorealistic Knives & Blades.Realistic Textures.Ready to Render iRay Shaders.产品原链接: DRIVERelated posts:Small Blades 1: Kn

Special FX 3 for Daz Studio

简介:Special FX 3 is the last and biggest part of our Special FX product series for Daz Studio.It contains an FX Base Prop with 25 different effect presets for Iray, and several additional props that ca

Toilet Seat Prop

简介:This is a separate toilet seat prop. You can open and close the lid and the seat itself using sliders in the Parameters tab (General > Transforms) to open and close either the lid, or the seat a

Now-Crowd Billboards – Conquistadors

简介:Become a conquistador and sail the Spanish Main with the new Now-Crowd Billboards - Conquistadors. Beware though!There are pirates and privateers, from the Now-Crowd Billboards - Sailing the Seven

Kawaii Glass Dildo

简介:Kawaii esthetic Glass Dildo Props for those who want cute sex toys.产品原链接: DRIVERelated posts:Mnogochlen DildoEggplant Dild

Fantasy Toys 22

简介:The product contains:Rigged Prop: one surface; rigged;Materials- 2 x 8 IRAY产品原链接: posts:Bad Toys – H

Neon Fun I for DAZ3D

简介:NEON FUN I for DAZ3D is a Set of 25 NEONs, a Baseroom with 3 different Walls and a Floor.产品原链接: DRIVERelated posts:SV’s Ne

Throne Hall

简介:Do your rulers need a new throne room? And the throne?Throne Hall is an indoor environment prop set, consisting of a throne room, a throne on the round steps, and lit torches.The throne has 5 diffe

Medieval Cages

简介:Medieval Cages is a collection of 8 medieval cage props, complete with openable doors, for all your fantasy or historical incarceration needs.It includes a flatbed wagon, 2 broken-out cages, and so