FN Spiral Building

简介:FN Spiral Building is an environment for everyday renders, with detailed model and texture.The wall, door, and windows are all separated for ease of use.产品原链接:

Espresso Bar

简介:This is a complete high quality Espresso Bar scene for Poser.It includes everything to create loads of realistic renders. All items are real size to fit all the polulair 3D characters.Included is a

The Basement Environment

简介:The Basement Environment is a complete Environment featuring:1 Complete Scene Subset with props, cameras and lights.Translated and Zero props.Props include: AC Unit, Spider Webs, Metal Pipes, Armch

Contemporary Bedroom

简介:The Contemporary Bedroom modernizes your character's living space.It consists of an en suite bathroom a balcony with many seating areas an indoor and outdoor fireplace and a stylish Jacuzzi.产品原链接:h

AJ Hall

简介:This package named AJ Hall is the big area for to create the environment in your scenes.You can easily put your car models and characters to create different urban and interior based works.产品原链接:ht

Return To Driza: Hotel With Stables

简介:Return To Driza: Hotel With Stables.产品原链接: MEDIAFIRE GOOGLE DRIVERelated posts:Horse Stables BundleReturn To The Enchanted ForestRetur

Arabian Dreams

简介:This is a highly detailed set for the palace or harem of the arab sultan.Note: This is the poser version. DS Update not included.产品原链接:

Hotel Bedroom

简介:A Hotel bedroom scene that comes with all props and Raytrace lightning with many options to play with.产品原链接: MEDIAFIRE GOOGLE DRIVERel

Dream Restaurant

简介:A romantic dinner… A quite moment surrounded by beauty and luxury… Dream Restaurant is perfect for all your dining renders!产品原链接:

Futuristic Urban Club

简介:A Sci-Fi urban bar is a good place to start an intriguing story for your charactersThe Futuristic Urban Bar is built with realistic textures and a stunning realistic lighting setup.It includes a re